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Saturday, September 13, 2014

better now than never!

i am actually going to start posting sessions and using this amazing site as my creative outlet! finally! i have had this idea in my head since 2011.  this beautiful blank site has sat here lonely for a long, long time. my husband may fall over dead to see posts start going up.  he has been asking and pushing me to do it for years. like years as in before it was swanky and years as in before gold was the only color people use and years as in if he has to hear one more "thought" or "idea" that i haven't done, he might scream. for reals! ha ha.  i think if i don't start the, the ideas will kill me. i started creating posts for the hub's company and quickly learned how much i loved it!  i will link those here as they start going live. i was overwhelmed by my many ideas to the point i didn't know where to start. then it hit me, start with your profession and work from there, duh. yes, i've started saying duh again. i feel like it expresses so much! so finally is right, I'm on it! now or never! cheers to new beginnings and posting photos sessions like crazy. 

stay tuned for photos that will make your heart explode, like this one! 

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